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“No place here for a basic strumming, or even standard finger-picking. Sarah’s pleasantly ringing creativity when playing the acoustic guitar is a breath of fresh air. The creativity overflows into perfectly placed chimes & other manner of musical alchemy. Did I mention the vocals? I’m searching for a word and I think that word has to be…. Perfection.”



Sarah is inspired to create songs by the moments of joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, and grief that she passes through and sees in others. She draws from a varied background of musical influences, from 70s folk/rock to modern indie-folk to Brazilian popular and folkloric music. ​Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist who creates compositions on the acoustic guitar and piano in combination with lyrics, then layers on other instruments. She is often likened to Joni Mitchell for her exploratory guitar style, alternative tunings, soulful vocals, and intensely personal lyrics. She has a background in Brazilian dance and Capoeira (an Afro Brazilian art form that includes folkloric music performance), which she studied for nearly a decade, and is a published poet.

SOUNDS LIKE: Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Carole King.




NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2023

A few performance clips (see IG for more)

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  • Ode to Earth - benefit show for climate justice org 350 Sac Colonial Theatre, Sacramento

  • Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento

  • Verge Arts Center, Sacramento

  • KSSU Sparky, Sac State Radio, Sacramento

    • 1st Shoebox Sessions artist​

    • Upper Case E

    • Heartbreak Harbor

  • Whole Earth Festival, Davis (2022)

  • The Hive, Pride festival, "Rainbow Day," Woodland

  • Two River's Cider, Sacramento

  • Camp Resolution, Sacramento (self-governed encampment for people experiencing homelessness)

  • Youth, Expression, Substance Use Prevention benefit gala for SacConnect, Urban Hive, Sacramento

  • Musiclandria (Big Day of Giving concert), Sacramento

  • Mutiny Radio, San Francisco

  • Oak Park Market, Sacramento 

  • Old Ironsides, Sacramento

  • The Strum Shop, Roseville

  • Luna's Cafe, Sac

  • Tower Brewing, Sacramento

  • Kupros Craft House, Sacramento 

  • Modes Art Gallery / Jazz Alley Market, Sacramento

  • Taylor'd Mind Studios, 2nd Saturdays at Florin Square, & Community Mural event, Sacramento

  • Self Designs Art Gallery, Sacramento

  • Stage 76 Kitchen & Bar, Carmichael

  • Courtyard Concert for Self Designs Art Gallery, Sacramento

  • The Fig Tree Coffee Shop, Roseville

  • Nicholson's MusiCafe, Folsom 

  • Chalk it Up, Sacramento, Blue Note Brewing, Woodland, Harlow's, Sacramento, and the Davis Music Festival, Davis (as part of the Autumn Sky band)


Graffiti for Good Wall Art Competition documentary features Sarah's songs, "Back to the Earth" and "Elevate Me."

Zine "Sacramento Sound"


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Sarah Reiwitch

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